The Chainsmokers – “Who Do You Love” (with 5 Seconds of Summer” | Review

The Chainsmokers continue to release frustrating high profile collaborations with their new 5 Seconds of Summer assisted track, “Who Do You Love.”

Let’s be honest, everyone expected The Chainsmokers to be a one-hit wonder after “#SELFIE,” but to everyone’s surprise they ended up releasing a string of pretty good tracks like “Closer,” with Halsey – it was a great song, but 12 weeks at number one?! just no.

Since “Closer,” it’s been frustrating to listen to the duo, who broke onto the scene with a different, fresh and exciting sound, but after success has begun to water down their sound a bit.

Being two of the most recognisable faces in EDM, the duo manage to pull pretty big names, from Coldplay to 5SOS, but the bigger the collab, the duller, more watered down the track is – maybe to please both audiences.

5S0S sound great, they always do, the production is decent, but the track is just boring – especially when you know both sides can do a lot better.

Take last years “Beach House,” “Everybody Hates Me” and the Winona OakĀ assisted, “Hope” – brilliant tracks that sound fresh and ooze the evident passion that the duo pours into their music.

Can we please have some smaller collaborations or solo projects that are actually exciting to listen to, please?!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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