Cardi B & Bruno Mars – “Please Me” | Review

Cardi B and Bruno Mars join forces again, but does “Please Me” have the same magic as “Finesse?”

Both artists are arguably at the top of their respective genres right now, Cardi is possibly the biggest star in the world right now – whether you like her or not, she’s got something that everyone’s obsessed with.

On “Please Me,” Cardi takes the lead while Mars tackles the chorus for a flirtatious 90s throwback that we’ve become accustomed to by the Grammy Award winner.

Is this track as instant as “Finesse?” No. But it doesn’t take more than a couple of listens to get it jammed in your head.

Cardi’s flow is pretty flawless here, full of bravado and the Cardi-isms that we tune in to hear from the entertainer – I mean, we could have done without her singing parts, but it doesn’t ruin the song.

Mars vocals are on point as usual, although, whereas he’s used to stealing the show, he has to settle for second here while Cardi remains the driving force for this great song.

Will it be as big as “Finesse?” I don’t think so, but I do think it’s slightly better!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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