Hannah Jane Lewis – “Last Night Every Night” | Review

Hannah Jane Lewis continues to release perfect, breezy pop tunes with the carefree “Last Night Every Night.”

Listening back to Lewis’s discography, it’s impossible to pick out a bad song, it’s like the UK-born singer just oozes perfect pop – and we are definitely not complaining!

Lewis has a busy 2019 schedule, with the release of her upcoming EP, a headline gig in London as well as shows with Jess Glynne and Rita Ora, “Last Night Every Night” is the perfect way to kick things off.

The track has a freeing vibe to it, and not just in the lyrics that talk about “having the best time with someone and just doing what your heart wants you to do, without caring about what anyone else around you thinks.”

The production is euphoric without being in your face, it’s the perfect long distance driving song – not the UK kind of driving where you hit traffic every ten minutes, the US style where you don’t see another car for hours.

With every release, Lewis manages to outdo herself, perfectly crafted pop gems that are laying the foundations for a fabulous career!

Can we just have the EP now, please?!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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