Crew of Me&You – “Come Out and Play” | Review

Crew of Me&You bring us a weird, non-formulaic electronic-pop song with “Come Out and Play,” who knew it was exactly what we needed!

Who’d think two former indie-rock artists could make such a good electronic song – yes, Maja Ivarsson and Félix Rodríguez, two of the founding members of one of Swedens biggest bands, The Sound, are the duo that makes up Crew of Me&You.

You can’t really compare the sound of this song and their former sound, other than the presence of an electric guitar.

“Come Out and Play” is an 80s inspired, playful, in-your-face affair full of big synth beats, irregular melodies and electronic blips that breathes a sense of life into a slowly hollow sounding pop-universe.

And that’s the thing, a lot of pop/electronic/synth tracks being released recently sound extremely lifeless – yes, some of them are technically good, but there’s no energy or passion behind them.

The debut single of the band doesn’t feel this way at all, Invarsson, the vocalist of the band has a chanty vibe to her vocal and it totally sweeps you from wherever you’re sitting and gets you on board with them.

If the duo continues to release tracks like this, we’re sure they’re going to be quite the critical darlings.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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