Shura – “BKLYNLDN” | Review

Shura returns with a soul-inspired R&B sound with her first proper single in almost three years, “BKLYNLDN.”

The West-London based singer released her sublime debut album, Nothing’s Real, back in 2016, but hasn’t completely disappeared since, releasing a few remixes to keep our appetites whet.

Her debut album was pretty pop forward, with a vintage edge and touches of R&B dotted throughout, with the release of “BKLYNLDN,” you can really see her evolution.

The jam is a dreamy R&B slow bop with a definitive soul edge to it, as well as a 90s vibe to it – think Bruno Mars 24K – from the first synth beat you’re caught up in the hypnotic beat.

Shura’s vocals lay back a little in the track, almost becoming part of the production, which helps with the dreamy and seductive nature of “BKLYNLDN.”

The track discusses a relationship that moves from physical intimacy to eventual love (even if she can’t admit it) and moving to Brooklyn from London – that maybe explains the title!

We can’t wait for the album to drop, whenever that may be!

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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