Will Young – “All the Songs” | Review

Will Young hits us with a triple punch; announcement of a new tour, a new album, Lexicon, and a brand new single, “All the Songs.”

It’s been 17 years since Young won Pop Idol, and my god, he’s a pretty strong career, 12 Brit nominations (two wins) and eight million albums sold worldwide – however, his last album, 85% Proof, while a critical success, commercially it’s his worst performing album.

“All the Songs” returns to a sound that supplied some of his more successful hits, a synth-pop track that draws you to a dancefloor.

Young songs have always been older than his years, but this release seems to fit both who he is as an artist right now, as well as being sonically on point with what’s popular.

The Idol winners vocals aren’t amazingly powerful, but that doesn’t matter because Young utilises them in a way where they don’t need to, and they’re always uniquely him – although, you can draw very strong Sam Smith comparisons!

Young may be heavy in the Radio 2 career now, which usually means less commercial success, but this track could be the one to push him back to highs he is used to.

Check out the slightly cringy video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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