Kailee Morgue – “Headcase” ft. Hayley Kiyoko | Review

Kailee Morgue has a huge hit in waiting with her Hayley Kiyoko featured, “Headcase.”

2018 was a brilliant year for Morgue, her gothic-pop sound was twisted and worked into some breakthrough hits like “Medusa” and the synth-heavy, “Do You Feel This Way?”

“Headcase” follows a similar style to her previous releases, with a synth-laden production, yet it doesn’t follow the more experimental nature she usually goes in, giving this track a much more mainstream appeal.

The Phoenix-based popstar samples the guitar opening of The Pixies “Where Is My Mind?” before leading into a rousing airy-electronic chorus, something different to the heavy-synths we’re used to.

Morgue’s vocals entwine perfectly with Kiyoko’s, to the point they could be the same person – the light breezy vibe they have gives the song a laidback summer vibe, which we need right now!

Lyrically, the track could be pretty close to home with lyrics like; “I’m a headcase, but you love me, I’m a mistake, I warned you” – Morgue has previously been open about her bipolar disorder.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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