Naughty Boy – “Undo” (with Calum Scott & Shenseea) | Review

Shenseea steals the show on the otherwise mediocre Naughty Boy-produced “Undo.”

It’s been a hot minute since Deal or No Deal star, Naughty Boy had a big hit, that not to say his music is terrible now, the Emeli Sande assisted “Bungee Jump” was pretty great – maybe he just doesn’t have his finger on the right button the way he used to.

Calum Scott lends his vocals for the lead here, and while his vocals are perfectly good, the production just kind of lets him down.

It’s not like the production is terrible, it’s just a bit boring as we’ve heard it a million times – the dancefloor filler relies on summery vibes with a slight dancehall vibe which doesn’t really come together right.

That is until Shenseea pops up and snatches our wigs!

The dancehall element of the song comes out in full force while the Jamaican rapper spits bars and draws all the attention to her – it’s one of those moments where everyone turns round to the tv and is just like; “wow.”

There are a few female rappers coming into their own recently, like Ms Banks and Stefflon Don, with a showing like this, Shenseea definitely joins the list of ones to watch.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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