Matthew Garrod – “This Town” | Review

“This Town” is the first taste of Matthew Garrod‘s upcoming EP, Canyons (Apr.26).

The Australian-born star is just starting his journey in the industry, but if his previous track, “Bad Memory Blaze” and “This Town” are anything to go by, we’re going to hear a lot more from him.

While Garrod’s last track worked to a more typical folk sound, “This Town” takes a more indie direction with folk-inspired storytelling and pop sensibilities to appeal to the mainstream.

There are clear inspirations here, like of nu-folk bands like Mumford and Sons and the opening of the tracks shares a similarity to “Don’t Look Back In Anger” by Oasis.

The warm vocals and singalong pop-like chorus are a total contrast to the more cynical lyrics.

And that’s the big draw of Garrod’s music; his songwriting. He has a point of view that’s very raw and personal, yet it’s open enough for anyone to connect.

“We often become aware of wrong-doings when in the midst of manipulative environments, but rather than calling out the issue we are encouraged to look the other way” – Garrod states when talking of the track.

It’s a great start to what’s surely going to be a great career!

See Matthew Garrod live

20th April – This Garden Wonder @ Flow, Budapest

20th May – The Finsbury, Manor House, London, N4

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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