Pia Mia – “Bitter Love” | Review

Pia Mia may have finally found her sound with the epic “Bitter Love.”

We probably all know Mia best for her worldwide smash hit, “Do It Again,” back in 2015, which was quite the bop, to be honest, but she has since failed to light the chart up in the same way since.

The problem has been she’s always sounded like she’s trying to follow the sound of her breakthrough, but after a little time away it seems like she’s found herself – and we’re loving it.

Mia comes at us with a ballad, something we’re not used to from the star, but its a welcome and refreshing change.

The piano opening allows us to hear Mia’s surprisingly strong and emotive vocals before the monstrous chorus comes crashing in and hits you right in the feelings!

Each verse comes racing towards the chorus (I know every song does, but just hear me out), you can hear the emotion in each note and like she’s on the brink of exploding before finally letting go in the fiery chorus.

If this is what Mia is going to be offering us from now on, we’re completely here for it!

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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