Gabrielle Aplin – “Nothing Really Matters” | Review

Gabrielle¬†Aplin went from acoustic/piano queen to some sort of pop goddess – “Nothing Really Matters” is one of the strongest pop efforts so far this year!

Aplin switched her music up in 2016 with the brilliant “Miss You” before totally snatching our weaves with one of 2017s best songs, “Waking Up Slow,” which still leaves us shook.

Towards the end of last year, Aplin released “My Mistake,” a piano ballad that’s beautifully written, but we have to admit, we were craving a huge pop moment – and she’s delivered!

“Nothing Really Matters” follows the same sound of her breakthrough pop hits with their sweet vibe and rousing nature – and we can’t even cope with the explosive chorus.

There’s a freeing feeling when listening to this song, it’s as though all the stress and worry is stripped and you’re transported to a carefree place.

Aplin always delivers on the vocal front, whether it’s on a soft and delicate piano ballad or a huge pop song where her vocals are more present.

In two short years, Aplin has gone from dipping her feet in a new pop sound to completely owning the genre and being one of it’s brightest stars!

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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