Lady Gaga: Top 5 Songs

So, Lady Gaga‘s turns 33 today and we’re going to look at her five best tracks, and not just from her singles!

You may ask why I’m doing this…”you didn’t do it for *insert name* birthday last week” – well, it’s my blog and I’ll do it (also, views).

In no particular order…

  • Always Remember Us This Way

From Gaga’s latest album, the A Star Is Born soundtrack, “ARUTW” just touches you from the first word Ally/Gaga sings. It’s beautifully written and even more beautifully sung. When I was watching the film, I knew this song was going to be something special within the first ten seconds – I wasn’t disappointed.

  • Bad Romance

Let’s be honest, we can’t have a “best of” list without this song – it’s iconic! The record and the visual were inescapable in 2009/10 and for good reason. There aren’t many artists in the world that can say a song they’ve performed impacted the music industry in the way this song did. ICONIC.

  • Marry The Night

If this isn’t Gaga’s most underrated single I don’t know what is! “Marry The Night” was meant to be the lead single from Born This Way, instead, being pushed to fifth (FIFTH?!) and being so deep into the album campaign it didn’t light up the way it should. This is possibly the best song she has ever recorded and it failed to crack the top ten in many countries.

  •  I’ll Never Love Again

If you didn’t cry while listening to this song, whether you were watching the film or not, you have no heart. It’s a beautiful Whitney-inspired track that shows of Gaga’s vocals in a way that she’s never displayed them before. Her airy high notes and her powerful belts are some of the best I’ve ever heard.

Fact, when shooting the scene where Gaga is singing on the stage, it’s live and the emotion is real – her friend passed away in real life around the time of the filming and dedicated the performance to her.

  • The Edge Of Glory

The Born This Way era was perhaps Gaga’s biggest era to date, and in 2011 came one of her signature songs (one of many), “The Edge Of Glory.” Written by her grandfather side while he was dying in hospital, you can hear the raw emotion in voice over the epic stadium rock-inspired pop beats – the song should be a sad one, but its viewpoint puts a positive light on death.

Honourable mentions:

Angel Down


Dance In The Dark

Bloody Mary

‘Til It Happens To You

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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