P!nk – “Hustle” | Review

P!nk has dropped the sassy second teaser (“Hustle”) from her upcoming album, Hurts2BHuman.

It seemed like P!nk was transitioning into a more mature sound on her previous album, Beautiful Trauma, but following the two tasters for H2BH, it’s official; the rock-pop has gone – but that attitude is still there.

P!nk has had one of the most constant careers in the industry, releasing great album after great album, in fact, her last album that was simply good (instead of great) was 2003’s I’m Not Dead.

“Hustle” follows in the same country-inspired pop that the epic “Walk Me Home” had, but there’s a little bit more angst and attitude that we’re used to seeing from the star – “Don’t hustle me, don’t fuck with me.”

The production is as feisty as P!nk is, but there’s a sweet, almost big band style, vibe along with some ‘woops’ that give the track a definite throwback vibe.

When you listen to a P!nk song, you’re always guaranteed amazing vocals and she definitely doesn’t disappoint – I swear this woman’s voice gets better every album!

The tracks she’s shared from this album aren’t as strong as her previous albums, but, much like Beyonce’s latest albums, they shine more within the context of the album.

There’s little under a month till her new album drops – will you be buying?

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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