Sky Ferreira – “Downhill Lullaby​” | Review

Sky Ferreira is finally back after six years and it seems like she’s going down a dark and mysterious path on “Downhill Lullaby.”

Starting with a more pop sound on her early EPs, Ferreira’s debut album, Night Time, My Time, was a raw indie-rock piece of music that really captured teenage angst and put her name on the map – the six-year delay might not have been the best to capitalise on that, but it’s certainly raised anticipation.

At over five and a half minutes long, if you’re looking for a quick, short burst from her comeback, you’re in for a disappointment, the greatness in the song comes from the storytelling and lead up to the heartwrenching final minute.

“Downhill Lullaby” could easily be a soundtrack song, which isn’t a surprise as it’s co-produced by the music supervisor of Twin Peaks, Dean Hughes – in some ways the track captures the same kind of the essence of the programme; mysterious and dark.

Ferreira’s vocals lay back in the song, eerie and ghostly alongside the atmospheric swirls and echos over a slow drum beat.

It takes four minutes to get to the star moment of the track, and with most songs, this would be far too long, but here, it only helps the final gut punch even more effective as the production reaches a climatic and disorientated peak.

We can’t wait to see what else Ferreira has up her sleeve this time around.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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