Zara Larsson – “Don’t Worry Bout Me” | Review

Zara Larsson returns with the electric “Don’t Worry Bout Me,” the sound we expected to hear on her comeback in October.

Sweden is known for producing amazing pop acts, and Larsson fronts that pack of the current stars trying to take over the world – “Lush Life” was quite the moment wasn’t it!?

“Ruin My Life” was the stars comeback track, which I thought was a strange choice for a lead single – you know, a ballad – although it did grow on me after a few listens – and I didn’t think it was bad in any way, shape or form from my first listen.

However, “Don’t Worry Bout Me” is the opposite, it instantly pricks your ears and all your attention turns to the song – a club ready, electronic track that we’d expect from the star, especially following So Good.

Larsson stated on social media before releasing the track that her record label isn’t keen, which I don’t understand at all, sure it’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s a surefire hit for her.

“DWBM” doesn’t feature any belts from Larsson, however, it does allow her to show the more emotive side of her vocal alongside pumping electronic beats.

Self-empowerment anthems can often come off cheesy but the Swedish star manages to make it cool – “Don’t worry ’bout me/ You should worry ’bout you/ Yeah, that’s your problem, so fix it/ ‘Cause I ain’t none of your business/ Now I’ve been sleeping okay.”

We can’t wait to see what her yet unannounced third album will sound like!

Check the track out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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