LAOISE – “Mad” | EP Review

LAOISE‘s new EP, Mad, might just be the strongest pop EP this year.

LAOISE (pronounced Leesha) is a Galway girl (Ireland) with the pop sensibilities of pop perfecters, the Swedish – go back and listen to her older stuff, it’s faultless.

Mad is a perfect display of slightly left of centre pop with it’s full, synthy sound mixed with truly heartfelt lyrics.

Opening with the title track, “Mad” sets the bar extremely high with it’s swirling effects in the verses and it’s a rousing rush towards the synth-heavy chorus which gives us all the life we need on a Friday morning!

After “Mad” I expected to be disappointed with the rest of the EP because, well, how can anything top it? I was wrong.

“Again” was released before the EP and sounds even better within the context of the EP with the more simplistic pop production and soft vocals that take quite angry and bitter lyrics and juxtapose them against a sweet backdrop and delivery.

“I Mean” is a more atmospheric affair which I guess is the slow jam of the EP. There’s an earthshattering synth backbone that pulsates throughout the song and gives LAOISE space to show off her delicate vocals.

The EP closer, “Seriously?” is a more punchy, attitude-filled pop song with a chanty, almost bratty nature that shows off yet another side to the Irish popstar!

This EP is pretty amazing, and we challenge anyone to pick a fault!

Check the EP out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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