The Veronicas – “Think of Me” | Review

The Veronicas might be 15 years into their career but “Think of Me” proves they still as good as ever.

Let’s be honest, did you think all those years ago when you listened to “Untouched” that The Veronica twins would still be here in 2019, and released great(!) music? Probably not.

They’re staying power comes from being able to switch they’re sound slightly while still sounding like them.

A shift from the more punk-pop sound that made them, they’ve shifted towards a synth-heavy, electropop vibe.

“Think of Me” is a rousing track that allows the twins to display their soft vocals before the electronic chorus comes crashing in to give you all the life you need.

The track definitely¬†highlights the lyrics and storytelling, about leaving someone who was pretty toxic for you – it’s rumoured to be about Jess Origliasso¬†and Ruby Rose, in regards to the lyrics “My biggest fan, not allowed to sing a note without you / Took my makeup, said ‘don’t bother’ because they won’t watch me without you.”

The energy that the girls delivered on Untouched 12 years ago is still alive here, but rather in the attitude, it comes from the erratic electronic production which perfectly portrays what’s going on in your head after a break-up.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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