AMWIN – “ANWIN In Wonderland” | EP Review

ANWIN is going for gold on her eclectic genre merging debut EP, ANWIN In Wonderland.

The Swedish-born artist has been teasing us for a while, releasing a number of tracks from the EP already, but as a collective, they somehow sound even better and honestly leave us a little shook.

Opening with the current track, “Dua Lipa” is in some ways a misleading intro as you expect a forward-thinking pop EP but with the obvious UK garage influences, we should’ve expected something with a little more grit.

Following on comes an edgier AMWIN and we goddamn love it. “Uber” and “DeLorean” have a clear hip-hop vibe, that not only come from the stars flawless flow (like, why isn’t her flow more recognised?!) but from the more progressive production that incorporates hard electronica alongside a pop way of storytelling delivery.

There are softer moments on the EP though, closing track, “Lucid,” is the closest we come to a ballad and it shows a more vulnerable side to AMWIN and allows us to appreciate her pretty delicate vocals.

The standout of this EP though is the mindblowing “Living Mistake” which I honestly played non-stop for the entire week it was released. It’s the one song that ties up all the different elements she showcases across the five other songs with a clearly pop backbone, some fire flows across the verses, the swag of hip-hop and an all-around electric nature – like, if this EP was this six times over I wouldn’t even complain.

I’m so excited to hear what the stars going to offer next!

Check the EP out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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