Ariana Grande – “MONOPOLY” with Victoria Monét | Review

Ariana Grande has officially thrown the typical pop release out the window and still manages to keep quality even with the quantity.

Two albums within six months of each other, several number ones and a sold-out world tour, there’s no stopping Grande. Going for the hip-hop style release schedule, Grande is changing the way pop music is consumed and we’re living for it.

Joining with friend, Victoria Monét, the star may be onto her next number one – even if it is a thank you treat for the fans.

“MONOPOLY” has more in line with “7 Rings” than anything else on Thank You, Next, but even that’s a weak connection, this woman is just doing what she wants, when she wants.

The song isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s cute – the real interest is in the lyrics.

She addresses the headlines about having to give up 90% of everything she earns from “7 Rings” to Imagem/Concord Music who own Rodgers & Hammerstein publishing rights for the “My Favourite Things” sample.

Oh, and she also might have just opened about her sexual fluidity; “I like woman and men.”

The two best friends relationship is so clear throughout the track, but it’s heartwarmingly cute at the end when they both end up in giggles over Monét’s Nutty Professor reference.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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