Leland – “Another Lover” | Review

Leland releases yet another perfect pop bop with “Another Lover.”

Many of you might not recognise┬áLeland by name, but you’ll have definitely heard something from him, whether it be his own pop tracks (“Middle Of A Heartattack” and “Run Into You”) or one of the many songs he’s written/produced – he’s worked with the likes of Troye Sivan (a hell of a lot!), Daya and Selena Gomez!

“Another Love” is a slow-burning mid-tempo pop jam that builds into a synthy heaven with gloriously airy vocals that give us a dreamy feeling.

The electro-pop track is like a love letter/personal conversation to a partner – it’s actually really sweet and avoids the cringy lane that many love songs all into, a testament to Leland’s writing abilities.

“And babe, the sex is free, these hotel sheets/And the world will freeze, but you and me go on and on and on…I don’t want another lover but you/And even if somebody said that I could choose/I don’t want another lover but you”

2019 has already been a brilliant year for singer/songwriter with his co-written Lauv hit, “I’m So Tired…” already being huge as well as receiving a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song with “Revelation” from Boy Erased.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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