MARINA – “LOVE” | Album Review

MARINA has surprised dropped the first half of her double release, LOVE, and I’m shook!

LOVE is the more positve and happy side of her double album, completed by FEAR, which MARINA insists are meant to be listened to seperatly – we’re still yet to hear a sample of FEAR.

After dropping the ‘and the Diamonds’ from her name, we didn’t really know what direction MARINA was going to go it, but after “Homemade Heaven,” “Superstar” and “Orange Trees” we were more than ready to welcome the star back with open arms.

The previously mentioned singles all offered a different side to MARINA and threw out expectations of what the album was going to sound like. “HH” was a more typical MARINA ballad, whereas “Superstar” went for a more classic alt-pop-dance tune and “OT” just left us gobsmacked in the best possible way – the most simply intriguing song she has ever released.

The rest of the album continues to play with these sides to create MARINA’s most consistent record yet.

Most tracks create the perfect mix of the old MARINA and the new MARINA, the best example of this is album closer, “End Of The Earth,” which incorporates an electric, alt-pop beat amongst a more typical style of her delivery, even dropped the irregular production in favour of simple piano for the chorus – where most songs bring their full force. This track saves that moment for the final minute where everything but the kitchen sink is thrown in and picks you up and takes you on an emotional ride.

“Enjoy Your Life” and “True” take notes from “Orange Trees” more mainstream appeal and are the perfect summer tunes that you’d stick on the top of a road trip playlist with they’re carefree, dance nature.

The chorus of “To Be Human” is possibly the best on the album. MARINA’s vocals reach their highest heights while the pulsating production has a deepness to it that creates the perfect contrast.

There are no weak links on the album, but if I were forced to choose highlights of the record they’d be “Orange Trees,” “End Of The Earth” and “To Be Human.”

Check out the fantastic album below and let us know what you think in the comments!

One thought on “MARINA – “LOVE” | Album Review

  1. I gave this a spin this morning and I was really underwhelmed. Marina sounds really sad. I never understood the success of “Baby”, and this album seems to be riding on its coattails. Bring back the diamonds!


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