BLACKPINK – “Kill This Love” | Review

One of K-pop’s biggest exports, BLACKPINK are back just into for their Coachella set with new single, “Kill This Love.”

Along with BTS, BLACKPINK has fast become one of the biggest and brightest stars of K-pop, recently collaborating on Dua Lipa‘s track, “Kiss and Make Up” – which is a bop by the way!

Their new single, “Kill The Love,” the title track from their second EP, will surely heighten the already highly anticipated Coachella performance – but is it any good?

Well, let’s start positive…it’s not bad.

The track is fierce, high energy and the music video is exquisitely shot, but there’s something missing that keeps it from being great.

Sure, live this will be a monster of a track with its march-inducing horns at the beginning before it falls into crushing synth beats, but as a single, it just sounds incomplete and a bit rush-released, to be honest.

While “Kill This Love” isn’t a total miss, it’s not exactly a home run for the K-pop stars.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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