Ariana and the Rose – “You Were Never My Boyfriend” | Review

Ariana and the Rose carry a more mature sound than their usual euro-pop hits on new single, “You Were Never My Boyfriend.”

The band have always released songs that should’ve been bigger than what they were, they were always so flawless produced and Ariana DiLorenzo’s vocals were on point (if you think “For Your Love” isn’t a bop, we can’t be friends) – but now the band are turning their hand to a slightly different sound.

“You Were Never My Boyfriend” takes the elements that made us loved from the edgy pop band and refined them into a more mature sound that clicks along around pulsating synths for a dreamy little bop.

Ariana often shows off her vocal prowess, but on this track, it’s all in the subtly and softness of them which allows us to see a different side to the star!

Everything in this track in contrast to the lyrics which discuss the culture we’re in at the moment of casual dating, you’d expect a more brash and in-your-face approach, but the subtle way works even better.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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