Empara Mí – “Blood In The Water” | Review

Empara Mí is back with “Blood In The Water,” another beautifully brooding track!

After releasing the haunting “Crying” less than a month ago, Mí’s wasting no time and gracing us with another track – we are definitely not complaining!

“You’re a bad motherfucker” is the lyric that opens the song and from that moment you know the song is going to be an event!

The production, along with the urgency of Mí’s vocals, creates rousing anticipation that traps your heart, eventually coming to a head on the chorus where the gates are swung open to the crashing production (Zach & Roger) – to say this song is a mood is an understatement.

The dark, deep and powerful nature of the star’s vocals are a constant draw that makes you want to keep this song on repeat all day.

I said this in my review for “Crying,” but Mí creates pieces of fucking art!

When a song takes you on a trip, on an experience you know it’s something special, and Mí manages to do this with each track – give this woman all of the awards!

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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