P!nk – “Can We Pretend” ft. Cash Cash | Review

P!nk has gifted us with the Cash Cash produced dance track “Can We Pretend” just two weeks before we get to hear the parent album, Hurts 2B Human.

The star isn’t playing with this album campaign, releasing three singles in two months, all showing different sides to the former rocker – “Walk Me Home” shows a country side to P!nk that we’ve seen flashes of over the years, “Hustle,” a typical pop-rock side that we’re used to seeing and now the EDM inspired “Can We Pretend.”

Lyrically the new track is totally on point with the feisty P!nk we all love, with the kind of ‘love you hate you’ style lyrics, such as; “can we pretend we like the president,” followed by a cheeky laugh (it’s not the first time she’s got political), and “Can we pretend that you like my fake-ass shoes” – discussing the old, the fun times in a relationship.”

What is different here is the EDM route she’s gone in, something we haven’t heard from the star, but we love it.

On paper, P!nk doing an EDM song sounds wrong, she’s the antithesis to that style of music with her rock-pop edge, but she pulls it off – I mean, of course she does, P!nk can seemingly turn her hand to anything!

Oh, and kudos to the trio that make up Cash Cash for producing a song that sounds familiar to add to the nostalgic vibe the lyrics exude, without sounding like anything else.

The song sees the future legend move further from the sound she’s stuck with during her career, a more mature, a slightly more experimental nature that we haven’t really seen since the brilliant Missundaztood.

“Can we pretend,/’Cause, honestly, reality, it bores me”

Same P!nk, same!

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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