Scarlet Pleasure – “24/7” | Review

Scarlet Pleasure are giving us strong summer vibes with “24/7!”

The trio that make up Scarlet Pleasure always deliver a bop, just go and listen to “Good Together” or “Deja Vu” and try to tell me otherwise!

“24/7” continues with the sound they offered us on their last single, “What A Life,” an alt-pop track with some serious Western vibes that surprisingly fit the minimalist swirls and synths that litter the rest of the song.

With the song being built around the simple guitar riff, it adds something to the track – an almost reggaeton sound, which has been inescapable the last few years!

The summer feels we’re getting are just we need in the U.K at the moment…what is it with it being wall to wall sunshine but being like 0 degrees?! Anyway, just shut your eyes, press play and you’ll be transported to a Spanish beach!

“She rides it like a rodeo – it feels like I’m in heaven 24/7/Paris, Milan or Tokyo – she got me working on vacation 24/7”

We have no comment for the cheeky lyrics, just know that they’ll be stuck in your head…well, 24/7!

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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