Crew Of Me&You – “Home Free” | EP Review

Crew Of Me&You bring fun back to music with their nostalgic debut EP, “Home Free.”

The duo that make up Crew Of Me&You, Maja Ivarsson and Felix Rodriguez, have been involved in music for a hot minute, being part of one of Sweden’s biggest exports as part of The Sound who went on to sell millions around the world.

The pair popped up a month ago with their debut single, “Come out and Play,” and blew us out the water, not only with their new sound but the pure passion that exuded from it.

And that’s the theme that flows through the six-song EP, passion!

I said it on my review for their debut single, but pop music is increasingly losing the fun that filled the airwaves in the 80s and 90s – everything’s so overthought and overproduced nowadays.

Tracks like “Gold Chains & High Tops” and “Under the Sun” exude the fun and passion that was obviously put into the song, yet is perfectly produced – showing that neither side had to lack, something that younger stars have seemingly forgotten!

Opener, “Junk It” delivers possibly their best melody across the whole EP, infectious, current (yet still feeling nostalgic) and the vocals are just everything!

“Rock My World” and “snö” wouldn’t be lost at a rave in an abandoned warehouse somewhere in Birmingham, and while delivering a hasher production, the core sound of the Swedish exports isn’t lost!

Honestly, we’re just kind of obsessed with Crew of Me&You right now – there is literally nobody out there like them right now!

Check their EP out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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