Beyoncé – “Before I Let Go” | Review

Beyoncé just surprised dropped Homecoming: The Live Album along with its parent Netflix film and we got two new tracks – any Beyoncé is good Beyoncé.

As we all know, Beyoncé is the reigning Queen of music, and everything she’s done since 2013 has been practically perfect – she’s not ready to stop now!

The Netflix film, Homecoming, is Queen B’s recorded set from last years record-breaking Coachella set that we’ve all been waiting for so we don’t have to watch crappy links on YouTube, we had no idea that she’d be gifting us with a new live album.

Live albums sometimes feel like a copout, but if you’ve listened to Beyoncé’s you know you’re in for a treat – her I Am live tour album was pretty goddamn perfect!

To close the film, there’s a cover of Frankie Beverly and Maze’s “Before I Let Go,” which Beyoncé flips, turns and updates for a 2019 audience.

The vocals on this track are everything, and something to treasure as we don’t often hear Beyoncé belt on tracks like she used to, her vocals have always been legendary!

The production is a complete throwback to 90s soul along with some trumpets to tie it into the whole theme of her homecoming Coachella set theme.

For most of the song, it’s a straight-up cover of the original, but the final minute or so is a bit of newness that the beehive have been waiting for, with Beyoncé rapping before giving us dance instruction, which we all know went down amazingly for “7/11.”

Can we get a brand new album now, please?!

Check the track, along with the rest of the live album, out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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