Sølv – “Bittersweet” | Review

“Bittersweet” if the first taste of new music from Sølv since her brilliant Codeine EP two years ago.

We fell for Sølv back in 2017 on Codeine, with it’s airy, atmospheric minimal-synthy approach, but with “Bittersweet” she turns it up a notch and we’re obsessed.

If you loved the softer side of her, “Bittersweet” probably isn’t the song for you as harsh beats come crashing in over haunting and twisted vocal samples.

The lines between pop and electronic music are becoming more blurred every day, on the record the production effortless floats between minimalistic pop and harsh electronic sounds effortlessly.

Sølv’s falsetto is still as magical and breathtaking as it ever was, and offers the perfect contrast to the deep synths that take over on the dark chorus.

To be able to stand out amongst the ever-crowded music scene is becoming harder and harder (especially the amazing alt-pop scene) but Sølv has managed to make a nice little place for herself and we’re ready to see what else she has to offer!

The singer-songwriter is now also a director and editor after filming her own mesmeric visuals for the track which you can watch below – let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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