Kim Petras – “Broken” | Review

Kim Petras gifted us with the first taster of her new era with “Broken,” but is it a bit too simple for the star?

Petras has quickly risen to the top of the new generation of singers that make their mark through the streaming world, so when she drops a new single we expect a lot – maybe too much.

“Broken” offers slick synth beats and a perfectly sweet vocal and if this was released a year or two ago, we might be losing our shit, but it feels a bit…well, ‘meh’.

It just feels a bit lazy and very easy for a star that we know can offer a bit more on the exciting scale.

This is meant to be the first taster of the new era…we hope she’s saving the best for later.

The rising singer-songwriter will be returning to the UK to perform at Manchester Pride on 24 August.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Photo credit: Thom Kerr

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