Madonna – “Crave” With Swae Lee | Review

Madonna teams up with Swae Lee for the non-eventful third release from Madame X, “Crave.”

Madonna is on her third, out of five, tracks she’s releasing before her 14th studio album out June 14th, and after last weeks “I Rise,” this feels a bit meh.

“Crave” isn’t a bad song, in fact, it’s decent as an album track, but to release as a promotional single seems weird, it doesn’t pack a punch at all.

The common theme running through all three tracks is that Madonna isn’t using her natural voice, relying pretty heavy on auto-tune, and while it works on “Medellin,” it seems out of place on this hip-pop, mid-tempo record.

Swae Lee doesn’t really add anything to the song, it seems like more of a streaming move to have him on the track.

This review seems very negative for the track…it’s worth a listen, but you’re not going to go back for more.

Check the track out below an let us know what you think in the comments!

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