Cecily – “Thinking Bout Me” | Review

Cecily might not sound too happy on her debut single, “Thinking Bout Me,” but this self-care track is just what you need in your life!

Sometimes a new singer comes along and you just think “who is this person?! I want more”- this track gives you those feels. Well, if you want more Cecily, you’re going to have to wait because this is only the start of what is going to be an exciting career for the New Zeland born star!

“Thinking Bout Me” is a brilliant pop song that bops along like some of the great hits of the late ’00s from stars like Kate Nash – offering a juxtaposition to the largely negative lyrics.

The special thing about this track though is the straight-up, and to be honest, quite depressing lyrics, however, they do turn out to be self-empowering in their introspective viewpoint.

“Don’t wanna spend my New Years on my own (Again, again)/I’ve got no messages for me on my phone/I’m alone (Again, again)…Getting thinner, feeling fatter/Laughing more, feeling sadder/Guess I’m a hypocrite/Guess I’m a hypocrite/A stupid bitch, a dumb dramatic stupid bitch…I’ve been thinking, been thinkin ’bout me/And all the things I’m gonna see and who I want to be/I’m watching and waiting and pre-anticipating/While you’re off scheming I’m thinkin ’bout me”

The brutal honesty of the lyrics makes the song extremely relatable as we’ve all felt alone and not enough to some degree in our lives.

Can we all just appreciate the subtle power behind the way she sings “A stupid bitch, a dumb dramatic stupid bitch?!”

Cecily has the indie perspective while having the pop sensibilities to make a bloody brilliant pop song!

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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