Madonna – “Future” with Quavo | Review

Madonna is taking her latest track, the Quavo-assisted “Future,” all the way to Israel on the Eurovision stage.

Yes, you read that right, Madonna is going to Eurovision. While the stage has been known as a cheesy collection of pop hits over the decades, the last few years has seen it grow from a cheese-fest to an array of brilliant pop songs – and Madonna will be performing “live” (let’s see how live it actually is) in front of a couple of hundred million people.

“Future” is Madonna’s worst single this era by a country mile!

It’s honestly just an auto-tuned, dancehall-influenced, blop of meh (in the words of RuPaul) that goes on for nearly four minutes.

We haven’t heard Madonna’s vocals this era without some sort of effect, and I’m actually pissed at this point, we’ve let it go for three songs because they were pretty decent, but this is just a waste.

The track would serve well as an album filler if it was cut down by a minute.

Other than the lead single, I haven’t heard much Portuguese influence, just a lot of producer influence.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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