Nadine Coyle – “Fool For Love” | Review

Nadine Coyle may have just released her best solo single to date with catchy “Fool For Love.”

It’s been a tough road musically for Girls Aloud solo stars since Cheryl took the spotlight at the beginning of her career, even if other stars released better music (Nicola Roberts!!!!), but it finally looks like Cheryl’s allowing space for others to shine – and Nadine sure is shining.

Last year saw the release of a debut EP that showed that she is pretty brilliant, even if the charts don’t show that.

“Fool For Love” is an electro-pop banger that fits in with her past discography, and let’s be honest, this song is going to be a gay bar floor filler – pride anyone?!

Nadine was always known as the voice of Girls Aloud, but here she lets the production do the work while she offers sass and attitude through a more auto-tuned vocal.

I know the star is Irish, but can we adopt her (not like we haven’t already) and send her over to Israel to represent us on the Eurovision stage because this is Euro-gold!

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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