Kelly Rowland – “The Kelly Rowland Edition” | EP Review

Kelly Rowland surprise drops a three-song EP of slick R&B tracks titled The Kelly Rowland Edition.

It’s only been a couple of months since Rowland released “Hair,” the self-empowerment anthem, and seemingly second single on a road to an album – this EP throws a spanner in the works of that campaign, but we’re not complaining.

The EP returns to the sound that made Rowland a solo star, slick R&B tunes that have a timeless feel to them – it’s Rowland’s best set of songs in a while.

“Don’t You Worry” could literally be a track that didn’t make it onto Ms. Kelly, Rowlands best album by far.

The slick R&B tune, in the stars heyday as a solo star, would’ve been a huge hit.

“Diamonds” is a bit more of an uptempo bop that contains a bit of throwback jazz and Motown vibes – the sound that Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson bought back a few years ago.

The final song, “See Me,” is a risque return to “Motivation,” a cheeky sex song – although it’s not as explicit as the stars 2011 hit.

The track mixes R&B edges with a more pop feel, two genres that Rowland has always easily moved between.

The EP isn’t highly innovative, nor does it bring something new to Rowland’s sound, it’s just a reminder that Ms. Kelly can make brilliant songs and that she’s still here, so don’t count her out.

Check the EP out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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