Kim Petras – “All I Do Is Cry” | Review

Kim Petras shows off her more vulnerable side on her new single, “All I Do Is Cry.”

Petras only started treating us to songs from her new era a month ago, but we are already on her fifth offering, following the mid-tempo bop, “Broken,” the trap-inspired “Got My Number” and the perfect pop numbers that are “Sweet Spot” and “Blow It All.”

Some might call it over-saturation, but the good thing is, Petras seems incapable of making bad music.

“All I Do Is Cry” is described as a ballad on the press release, I’d call it more of a mid-tempo electronic track that full of the emotion that you get out of a ballad.

Petras bares her soul on the record that describes her feelings after breaking up with a partner.

“All I do is cry about you/I don’t wanna die without you/Thought that you were the exception/Took a fatal blow to my heart/I just want for you to need me.”

The vocals might have some effects added onto them, but you still feel the sadness coming from Petras, who’s just yearning to be loved.

Is this wildly different from what Petras usually offers us? Well, besides the emotional edge, not really. But does that matter? Of course not, any Petras is great!

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Kim Petras is playing a headline show in London’s Heaven on 27 August. Tickets are available from She will also be performing at Reading & Leeds Festival and Manchester Pride this summer.

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