Promis3 – “Losing Our Connection” | Review

“Losing Our Connection” is the debut single from new pop duo, Promis3, and god, it’s a good start!

The duo is made up of Brent Dielen and Andras Vleminckx, the latter you may know under the name of LIMITS who’s had a few hits over in Belgium and as well as some strong streaming figures on Spotify.

Promis3’s set their core sound straight from the first note, a mysterious, otherworldly, deep electro vibe that draws you in.

The electro track has a hard-hitting synth that carries the song while swirls and galactic fly around it.

Vleminckx vocals glide easily over the deeper sounds of the production, and during the chorus become part of it.

The song discusses the end of the honeymoon period when a relationship starts to lose the sparkly newness and real life kicks in – it’s a refreshing look at love!

It’s a strong start for the duo, creating a sense of mystery will always draw people in to see what it’s all about, let’s just hope they can keep that vibe going with their next single.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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