FLETCHER – “About You” | Review

FLETCHER continues her run of epic breakup singles on the rousing “About You.”

It seems like FLETCHER is going to release one of the best, and most honest, breakup records in a hot minute – well, once she announces it!

“About You” follows “Undrunk” and “If You’re Gonna Lie,” two gems of emotion, displaying feelings of post-breakup in two very real ways.

This track, once again, hits any listener that’s been through a breakup and can’t get their ex out of their head, even when they think they don’t miss them and just getting on with your day.

“Drinking my coffee just ruined my day, picturing us at that corner cafe/Grabbing my keys, they feel heavy to me, ‘Cause you gave back the one you don’t need…I’m not tired, I’m not lonely, so why does my mind go back to when you used to hold me?”

FLETCHER’s vocals exude emotion, especially on the belts, and when you team it with the rousing synth drum-led production over the chorus, it really takes you on an emotional rollercoaster.

If there was one negative about the track, it’d be that the repetitive ‘ya ya’s” in the verses can become slightly annoying, but to be honest, when you’re caught in the emotion you don’t really notice them.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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