5 Seconds of Summer – “Easier” | Review

5 Seconds of Summer‘s new single, “Easier,” is pretty decent deep-electro track, if not slightly generic.

I’m still getting my head around the teen-rock group moving from their core sound to a more electronic sound, somewhat of a distinct change right!? There’s one thing I hate more than bad music, and that’s sellouts, and indie/rock backs seem to be doing this more and more nowadays, and while they say it’s their choice, ‘people change, sounds change’, it’s a load of rubbish – RECORD LABELS WANT SALES!

“Easier” on first listen is a brooding electro track that builds into a proper bop that will make you feel the moody dance vibes wherever you listen to it.

But on further listens, it actually falls a little flat. The pulsing synth that runs throughout the song feels like it’s building into something, but once the first few beats of the chorus are out the way, it doesn’t actually go anywhere.

The lead singer’s, Luke, vocals are obviously edited in some way, and it adds a robotic quality to his voice which is a bit off-putting – kinda like Madonna’s most recent tracks!

But, as a casual listener, it’s okay, and radio will eat it up!

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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