Mark Ronson – “Find U Again” featuring Camila Cabello | Review

Mark Ronson is hitting us with non-stop singles currently, this time it’s the Camila Cabello assisted, “Find U Again.”

Ronson is hot on the promotional trail for his upcoming album,¬†Late Night Feelings, and so far he hasn’t disappointed, it’s on track to his best album yet!

Okay, I think the public will eat this track up, mainly because of the star at its helm, but I think it’s the weakest track he’s released so far, even if it’s in no ways bad at all.

Previous singles have always had this throwback disco vibe that all have similar feels which allows you to get the overall style of the album.

“Find U Again” just slips out of this narrative, and with Cabello’s autotuned vocals, it just doesn’t seem as…right!

Like I said, I’m sure the public will love this and it will shoot up the charts, and it wouldn’t be criminal for it to be a top 10 hit, but compared to the last three singles, we’re just not feeling it!

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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