Miley Cyrus – “SHE IS COMING” | EP Review

Miley Cyrus makes a triumphant return to her pop best with her new multi-genre EP, SHE IS COMING.

Cyrus’s rise from teen Disney star to full music mega-star hasn’t been plain sailing…yes, we’re talking about her messy, outrageous and all round too much 2013 Bangerz era that saw her destroy the clean and sweet image that brought her to fame.

After a weird Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz album in 2015, Cyrus came back in 2017 with  Younger Now, a grown-up country heavy vibed album, which was needed after her four-year ‘weirdness’.

Now we’re onto an EP, so it’s not quite an album, but we really wish it was because it would be absolute fire, showing the genre chameleon at her best, even if the RuPaul collaboration is a bit…erm…cringe.

“Mother’s Daughter” opens the EP and is easily one of Cyrus’s best songs she’s ever recorded, everything about it is right. The production rests between alt-pop with a hip-hop edge with Cyrus’s attitude and bravado being sprinkled in for good measure – from first listen, this will be in your head.

“Unholy” is short at only 2.10, but the hip-hop leaning production bops while Cyrus discusses her unholiness and her favourite topic…getting high, but this is just the warm-up for the next track.

“D.R.E.A.M” which stands for ‘drugs rule everything around me’ is a confusing blend with the more mature pop production that still contains a youthful edge, but the lyrics are very Bangerz era talking about “fucking on the roof” and well, as the title suggests, drugs!  Ghostface Killah appears at the end of the song in an unneeded extra, it actually feels like a different song.

The weirdest, most fun and the worst song on the album is “Cattitude” featuring RuPaul with highly sexualised lyrics, especially from Ru who talks us through sucking dick. Although the lyrics are questionable, it’s incredibly fun and is a high point just in terms of the energy the song contains.

“Party Up The Street” featuring Swae Lee and produced by Mike WiLL Made-It, which sounds a little bit like Madonna’s “Medellin,” is kind of a nothing track, more of a filler as it offers a bit of a comedown from the energy ball that is “Cattitude,” but to be honest, you wouldn’t miss this track if it wasn’t here.

Album closer, “The Most,” is the slow jam of the album and returns to her Younger Now country vibe and is by far the most ‘real’ song on the album, stripping away the bravado and drug talk and gets to the heart of the star. It sounds like a touching love song for her husband, Liam Hemsworth, and is possibly a sign of where her next full-length album is going to go.

Check the EP out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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