Mabel – “Mad Love” | Review

Mabel goes with the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach with her new single, “Mad Love.”

It’s safe to say, nobody expected Mabel’s last single, “Don’t Call Me Up,” to go on to be the smash it ended up being, but it’d undeniable groove managed to grab the attention of the masses and made Mabel the one to watch on the UK music spectrum.

Every artist does it/is forced to do it, you have a huge hit and you want to recreate that success so you do another song which is practically the same, just wrapped in different packaging.

There’s a saving grace for Mabel with this track, it’s just about different enough that casual listeners won’t really notice and fans won’t be too bothered…just don’t do it again.

The summery R&B vibes that Mabel always offers with a single are here, but they just seem stepped up a little, like on her previous smash, Mabel is serving the fans what they want as well as showing an evolution since 2017’s “Finders Keepers” – something you don’t hear unless you listen to the back to back.

This review sounds pretty negative, but the song is actually a banger that’ll be eaten up by radio…it just sounds a little close to her last single, but long as it’s a one-off, we can forgive.

Mabel is definitely making setting the building blocks for a pretty great career, let’s see if the debut album can catch the attention of the masses the way her singles do!

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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