Madonna – “Dark Ballet” | Review

Madonna‘s upcoming album, Madame X, is beginning to prove the critics right, that Madonna’s vocals are on the decline – “Dark Ballet” will do nothing to silence the naysayers.

The queen of pop, Madonna, IS a legend, whether you like her or not – she is the best selling female musician to ever grace the planet. This album run has contained some of her best music in years, and some of her worst, so god knows what Madame X is actually going to sound like.

“Dark Ballet” opens as a piano ballad before a trap beat is introduced while Madonna ‘sings’ over it – singing is a stretch, her vocals are so altered it could really be anyone.

And that’s the thing that’s disconnecting me from the album campaign so far, auto-tune is inevitable in today’s pop world, but to be five songs in and not yet have heard a clean vocal, it’s pretty disappointing.

Half of “Dark Ballet” sounds like an album interlude which seems like a cheap way out of making a full song.

Maybe all this ‘meh’ will make sense as part of a package, but I’m fast losing interest in Madame X.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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