Song of the Week: K.Flay – “Sister” | Review

K.Flay continues her run of brilliant singles with the explosive “Sister.”

Flay only released Every Where Is Some Where last year and she’s already onto her next era, releasing three singles already, the rapped “Bad Vives,” the understated and edgy “This Baby Don’t Cry” and current single “Sister” – her new album Solutions is out July 12.

The track plays with a harsher sound that she toyed with on “Blood In The Cut” off her last album, but this time she goes in even further and we love it!

The synth-pop opening lures you into a false sense of security and you think you have figured out the way the song is going to go, then the chorus hits and just leaves you shook – it just comes out of nowhere and takes us back to Charli XCX Sucker days!

There’s a carefree nature to the track, along with Flay’s ultra laidback vocals, that draw you in and allows you to get lost in the guitar breakdown.

This is definitely going to be that song you and your best friend are going to be screaming at each other after a few too many drinks declaring your love to one another.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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