SHY Martin – “Same Old” | Review

SHY Martin delivers a bittersweet banger with her latest single, “Same Old.”

SHY burst onto the scene in 2016, and it’s safe to say she’s had quite the career so far, amassing over 2.5 billion Spotify streams from her songwriting credits, featuring on Mike Perry’s “The Ocean” which went on to be Sweden’s most played song of 2016 and so far as a solo artist has over 100 million streams – and this is only the start.

“Same Old” plays with the more atmospheric sound that her last single, “Out of my Hands,” played with, a sound that builds atmosphere and anticipation for the inevitable beat drop into the chorus.

The track is kind of like a happy\sad banger, SHY is hurting and sad about her past relationship being over but she’s trying to get over it – we’ve all been there!

“I know I’m not allowed to say I’m hurting/’Cause I hurt you and I know that/I know I’m not allowed to say I miss you/’Cause I left you, so I hold back/Know I’m not allowed to feel the feelings I’ve felt/So I keep it to myself/But I’m still wondering how you’re doing/’Cause I’m the same old me without you/Same old with someone new”

The track is so laidback, but you can feel the emotion poured into it, the drained feeling that breakups leave you with, which is all credit to SHY’s brilliant songwriting.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Photo Credit: Hampus Hjellstrom (@h.hjellstrom)

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