Camila Cabello – “Liar”/”Shameless” | Review

Camila Cabello is trying out the formula that she used with her first album, dropping two lead singles and see which one sticks – this time, however, they’re both pretty great.

It’s safe to say that Cabello is enjoying a huge wave of success post-Fifth Harmony (something you’d think Normani was surfing if you’re ever on Twitter), from her hit debut album, including mega-hit “Havana” as well as her recent number-one smash with Shawn Mendes, “Señorita.”

“Liar,” much like the release strategy, follows the path “Havana” lay down two years ago with its Latin-inspired vibes, carefree nature, and all-around summer sound.

It’s clear both Cabello and her label are looking to repeat the success of the aforementioned and, to be honest, she might just get it because it’s a bloody great track that makes you want to move.

I’m not usually a fan of songs that basically copy a former big hit, however, this song is just about different enough to get away with it.

“Shameless” takes us in a completely different direction, down a more electronic route, a bit like “Never Be The Same,” this time she reaches into the electronic bag a bit further to bring a dark, pulsating and rousing track that takes you on a ride.

The breakdown over the chorus is very 2015, but that’s forgiven when it raises the hairs on your arms and gets your heart racing – it’s truly a brilliant song.

Cabello also has a chance to stretch her underrated and underused vocals over the three and a half minutes, showing the world she’s more than just a production-focused singer.

Which one will perform better? Who knows, “Liar” stays closer to the sound that brought her to superstardom, but “Shameless” is the better tune and it’s a fucking bop (fight me) – let’s see what the music buying/streaming public prefer.

Check the tracks out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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