Dua Lipa – Studio 2054 (Live Stream) Review

Dua Lipa has followed one of the years best albums, Future Nostalgia, with an epic live stream, showcasing how far she has come over the last few years.

Music fans are gagging to get back into a music venue to watch their favourite artists do what they do best, but with Covid-19 going nowhere fast, the industry is having to find new ways to give their fans what they want, and it looks like they may have found the perfect substitute – live streams.

Live streams aren’t anything new, but the effort that is being poured into them is something we haven’t seen before and watching Lipa strut her stuff shows us what we can get from the comfort of our own home.

Lipa is without a doubt the hottest UK act right now, coming off the back of a hugely successful sophomore album (Future Nostalgia) earlier this year, as well an entire remix album a few months ago…with a rumoured B side full of collaborations coming soon – there is no stopping her.

Studio 2054 is a party from beginning to end (minus a little “Rocketman” from Sir Elton), showcasing Lipa at her very best.

The young star commands every inch of the stage throughout, moving through hits like “Physical,” “New Rules” and current single, “Levitating” with attitude and a much improved rhythm what we saw in a certain viral video a few years ago.

The set is a mix of an retro inspired warehouse sprinkled with neon accessories that transitions onto an underground nightclub vibe, as well as a random red dressing room that doesn’t really fit, but it allows the star of the show to have a quick breather while Miley Cyrus makes her appearance on a prerecorded slot.

Cyrus isn’t the only star to rear her head; Kylie Minogue, The Blessed Madonna, Bad Bunny, Angèle and FKA Twigs decide to show up to Studio 2054 to varying degrees of success.

The acts that actually turned up like Twigs (performing a new song), Angèle (“Fever”) and Kylie (“Real Groove”) all help add to this special club vibe, but the rest that appeared via a prerecorded VT don’t really bring anything to the table – luckily they don’t take away from the experience either.

Vocally, Lipa is on top form, using her backing singers and light backing track perfectly, while always staying in control, even when dancing the house down – even hitting notes that she doesn’t do nearly enough across her tracks.

Across the hours performance Lipa offers us stunning vocals, fierce choreography, sickening looks and a party vibe that we’re all itching to get back to, she delivers us 60 minutes escape into a neon, 80s inspired world that we all need right now.

Does a live stream compare even slightly to being in a gig? No. But does it help fill the massive void for a little bit? Completely, and Lipa has just set the standard for future streams (looking at you Beyoncé, we’ve heard the rumours).

Did you watch the live stream? Let us know what you think below!

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